What is a creative music workshop?

The aim is, to collaborate in a musical work with any group of people of any ability or background.

A creative music workshop is presented in an informal group context – I’ll provide context and material for the session.

Workshop Format

  • We might warm up with some theatre games that help to break down inhibition and set the tone of what follows. Quality of attention and listening are the heart of this work.
  • We explore some voice work, the body as a performance instrument, riff building and free improvisation.
  • Next is breaking up into small groups set with a musical problem to realise as a little collaboration.
  • This is followed by a ‘show & tell’ with each group performing to each other.
  • Probably the most important aspect of a music workshop (indeed any artistic endeavour) is ‘The Process Loop’ (What if?)

The Process Loop

The Process Loop is a short debrief session at the end for the group. Activities of the class are discussed; comments and suggestions may lead to revised visions of the material being teased out in the class. The process loop would ideally be present during the workshop process as well as at the conclusion of the class.

This music workshop format can be up scaled to a full public concert presentation showing the fruit of many sessions together. Results are unpredictable, whimsical and sometimes quite wonderful.

Contact Me for more information and to discuss your Creative Music Workshop plans