“Years after my study with Margery Smith I still benefit from her intuitive understanding of music and instrumental technique.”

“Margery Smith’s ‘relevant to the times’ approach to teaching has brought out things in my musical ability that I was told would take years to develop.”

“Marge was an amazing teacher and helped me progress both musically and technically. I always enjoyed our lessons together.”

Rosa, Newtown High School of the Performing Arts (and player in NSW Public Schools Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Wind Ensemble aka SWE)

Margery’s Composition, Inferno, in review: 
‘Dramatic, then eerie, then transendent, Smith’s music speaks with a humanity easily apprehended…’ 

David Vance, Sydney Morning Herald, October 17 2006

“Margery Smith is an encouraging, patient and dedicated teacher. Under her guidance, I built up my confidence as a performer and musician.”

“In 2004, PACT invited Margery to collaborate as composer and music consultant on a new major performance work, Song of Ghosts. This involved the participation of 20 young performers, 4 young saxophonists, and 10 established artists across a number of art forms – performance, visual media and music. It was a mammoth undertaking investigating human beings’ compulsion to beat the war drum. Margery was an amazing presence throughout. Her live musical interventions and sound narrative gave the work the potency it needed. Margery’s interest in experimentation with process, challenging boundaries, her skill and sensitivity working with young performers and her capacity to understand and contribute to the heartbeat of the work were immeasurable.”

Regina Heilmann (Artistic Director PACT Theatre 2002-2009, currently Arts Program Manager, Bundanon Trust)

Margery’s composition, Tundra, in review:
‘Smith…writes about sonority in her program notes, and it’s true that the timbres of Tundra are striking, but it’s Smith’s ear for harmony that I find most impressive.’ 

From Review of Continuum CD, 24 Hours Magazine, October 2002

Margery Smith has written a number of pieces for clarinet and bass clarinet for myself and ensembles I have played in. T(F)ree Radicals for Touchbass Duo (Sue Newsome and myself) – was written for three bass clarinets. It is a beautifully crafted work includies improvisation, challenging Sue and I, but Margery was so encouraging and the experience rewarding. Rather different to T(F)ree Radicals are the exquisitely crafted and evocative Poppy Re-Imagined for Charisma (clarinet, cello and piano) and Humanity Washed Ashore for bass clarinet. They are works that are personal, reflecting a caring humanitarian in the creator. Whilst technically demanding these works are well orchestrated and crafted, so pleasing to perform. Margery encourages workshopping of her pieces with performers and the outcome of performances reflect her collegial approach.  
Ros Dunlop Clarinettist, Director Tekee Media Inc web:http://tekeemedia.com/

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