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I am a music composition teacher. I provide music composition lessons online via Skype. With a focus in assisting HSC Music students with their Music 1 and Music 2 Compositions, and HSC Extension Music Compositions, my students achieve some outstanding results.

As an active and experienced Australian composer, I am in touch with the latest trends and techniques for composing. I am also well acquainted with the requirements for HSC Music 1 and 2 Compositions, and am experienced in mentoring students in the successful completion of these compositions and their portfolio requirements.

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Online Music Composition Lessons via Skype
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As an Online Music Composition Tutor, I offer …

  • Composition mentoring for Higher School Certificate Music Courses 1 & 2 and HSC Extension Music Composition
  • Creative music making (Composition and Improvisation)

Current Music Composition Teaching Roles …

  • Composer in Residence International Grammar School, Ultimo, Sydney NSW
  • Teaching Music Composition and Improvisation
  • Online Composition Lessons via Skype

Composition Mentoring for Higher School Certificate Music 1 & 2 and Extension Music …

  • As an experienced composer and teacher, I can take a student through the whole process from developing initial compositional ideas, composition techniques, composition portfolio presentation and proofreading the final score prior to submission.
  • I have completed training in HSC Music Composition Marking presented by the NSW Education Standards Authority.
  • Lessons can be arranged one-on-one at my home studio in the Blue Mountains near Penrith or online via Skype.
  • My composition students have been regularly nominated for the annual Encore student showcase, which presents exemplar works of outstanding HSC students from NSW schools as singers, instrumentalists and composers.
  • For those who would just like to create their own music, I would love to work with you!

FAQ for HSC Music Courses 1 & 2 and Extension Composition Tutor Online

What do NSW Higher School Certificate online composition lessons involve?

Expert one-on-one music composition mentoring online via Skype

I am able to guide students through the whole process of the HSC curriculum for the composition component of the syllabus for Music 1, Music 2 and Extension Music.

This includes:

  • Guidance for setting up and developing your composition portfolio for Music 2.
  • Ideas for how to start a composition.
  • Background listening and exploring a wide variety of composition techniques.
  • Feedback process
  • Advice for editing and preparation of your score for submission
  • Mentoring is available for any musical genre. I love the idea of a ‘Superscore’ that perhaps would contain audio and graphic elements as well as traditional music notation.

For those taking online composition lessons:

Each lesson is recorded. At the end of the online lessons, students are sent a link to download a screen recording of the lesson.

Composition Analysis

Year 11 Music class making sense of my work, “Fly Away” for Clarinet, Flute and Sax Quartet

What do I need for online composition lessons?

  • A Skype account
  • Lessons must be paid for in advance
  • Lessons begin promptly at the time agreed. To avoid losing time in your lesson please ensure that your Skype connection is working. Check that the sound and video is working and that you have the latest version of Skype
  • Lessons are 45 or 60 minutes long
  • Lessons can be scheduled weekly or casual lessons as needed

Please get in contact to discuss what you would like to do. If we agree to work together I will send detailed instructions for your session.

 What software should I use for composing?

  • It really does not matter what software you use as long as it is appropriate for your project
  • Generally I will ask for a .pdf version of a notated score to mark-up with comments and ideas
  • For a quick mock-up of your composition a DAW such as Garageband is great
  • I personally use Sibelius, Finale and Notion for my notated scores. There are also good value for money light versions of these applications that are suitable for most composition projects
  • For my electronic scores I use Ableton Live and Logic Pro

If you are wondering how to start composing music …

Here are a couple of starting ideas for composing your own music – starting with some improvisation on any instrument.

I have always imagined that composing could be like musical ‘panel beating’ – Read my Music Composing Tips to learn more!

If you are looking for more Hints for getting started with composing, you can find some in this article!


Online Music Composition Lessons via Skype
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