Solo and Chamber Works

White Shadows (2016) for Baritone Voice, Flute, Violin, Clarinet/Bass clarinet & Piano

Ocean Hum (2008/14) for Soprano, Flute & piano

Beetrap (2012) for solo saxophone

Lost Blues (2011) for Sax Quartet & 2 Percussionists

The Musarithmetic Ark for Trumpet, Alto Saxophone and Piano available from Kookaburra Music
The Musarithmetic Ark was written for TrolCa (The wonderful trio resident at Ithaca College USA-Kim Dunnick, Steven Mauk & Diane Birr) and it was first performed at the 2010 International Trumpet Guild conference in Sydney

Tundra for Sax Quartet (2000) published by Reedmusic
In review: ‘Smith…writes about sonority in her program note, and it's true that the timbres of Tundra are striking, but it's Smith's ear for harmony that I find most impressive.’  From Review of Continuum CD, 24 Hours Magazine (Oct 2002).

Aurora for Sax/Clarinet and Tape (2002) available from Margery Smith

Sonata for Solo Flute (2001) available from

T(F)ree Radicals for 3 Bass clarinet’s and CD (2002) available from Margery Smith

Poppy for Viola and Cello (2000) available from Margery Smith.
This work is wonderfully played on Deborah Lander's CD
with cellist Andrew Hines. Music available from Margery Smith

A species of fire for solo recorder (S-A-T) (2008) Published by Moeck (Edition Moeck Nr. 1615)

Ocean Hum for Flute, Soprano voice & piano (2009) Available from Margery Smith

The Bee-Trap for Solo Saxophone (2009) Available from Margery Smith

Orchestral & Ensemble Works

Red for Sax Quartet and 2 Percussionists (2010) Available from Margery Smith

A Sonic Colour Book (2010) (Oboe, Bb Clarinet,Bassoon, Bb Trumpet, Trombone, 2  Percussionists)
Commissioned by Sydney Grammar School for their Recent Music Ensemble

Borderlands (2008) for mixed ensembles commissioned by Brisbane Powerhouse

Free Radicals
for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra (2002) available from the Australian Music Centre

Partials in Ice (2003) for Orchestra-available from the Australian Music Centre

Inferno for Clarinet & Chamber Ensemble (2006)-available from Margery Smith.
was commissioned by David Rowden, artistic director of the Sydney Omega Ensemble with funding from the Australia Council.

Inferno in review: 'Dramatic, then eerie, then transendent, Smith's music speaks with a humanity easily apprehended...' David Vance, Sydney Morning Herald, October 17 2006.

Inferno Remix for Sax Quartet & Electric Violin (2008) Available from Margery Smith

Works for young players

The following works are available from Margery Smith. Please contact me for price and postage. Pdf versions are also available.

Pulse Train for String Orchestra (advanced)
Creepy Crawley for String Orchestra and optional solo part (beginner)
Alaric for String Orchestra (intermediate)
Superhero for Wind Octet and Ghetto Blaster

Superhero for Sax Ensemble and Ghetto Blaster (SS,AA,TT,B)
Alaric II for Viola & Piano. (AMEB Grade 4 list)

Soundscapes using digital and acoustic sound sources

Using Pro Tools and Ableton Live Software I create music for multimedia, for improvising on clarinet and saxophone, and as an element in my notated work.  I like the idea of a 'superscore' that contains sound and image samples, notated elements, performer directions, a computer program...all possibilities are open.

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