Past Projects...

‘Dreams you might not come back from’ for Continuum Sax and Clocked Out ensembles. The resulting work was a 60-minute piece for saxophones, piano and percussion. ‘Dreams you might not come back from’ was developed through composition, improvisation and recording.Continuum Sax and Clocked out met in April for a weeks residency at Bundanon, NSW.

19th October, 2011: Brisbane performance

22nd October,2011: Concert at the Campbelltown Arts Centre

Frozen Words for Voice, Recorders, Clarinets and live electronics. A collaboration with Hans-Dieter Michatz & Nadia Piave

My original inspiration for Frozen Words was from Rabelais’ Gargantua and Pantagruel and his wonderful image of ‘Frozen Words’. Gargantua and Pantagruel are on a sea voyage exploring the world and they when they heard sounds faint in the air. As they listened carefully, the sounds grew louder. They could distinguish voices: "It was terrible to see nothing, yet to hear voices of men, women, children, and horses." (at p. 647)

Panurge hid, terrified of the battle he heard, Pantagruel questioned the Captain-there was no signs of battle. The Captain told him that the ship had passed through this same space the previous winter, where a terrible battle had ensued. They were lucky to have escaped with their lives. But now, all they were hearing were the words and sounds that had frozen in the winter battle, melting now in the Spring. The lesson from this satirical story is that “what you say may come back to haunt you” This train of thought got me thinking of that image of Frozen Words and finding songs of words unsaid, never to be said, a comical performance of text and exploring the  themes re-negotiation of public and private spheres in our contemporary society.

A ‘work in progress’ performance of my song cycle Frozen Words took place in June 2010. This proposal is to expand and develop the possibilities of Frozen Words into a larger work with myself performing with Hans and Nadia, and incorporating live electronics into the performance.

3rd July 2009

Dido Remix 09 rediscovering the art music tradition has inspired many musicians’ imagination for the Florentine Cammerata to Gluck to Michael Nyman. Combining the innovation and clarity of early music scholarship and the creativity of improvisation and sound design. The Australian Institute presented Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas through a contemporary lens in and innovative and striking reinterpretation as Dido Remix 09.

13th January 2008

Dust and Decay was a collaboration with performance artist Ashley Dyer with myself, percussionist Claire Edwardes, projection artist Rachael Brown and writer Willoh Weiland. Largely inspired by the time based art of Andy Golsdworthy, Dust and Decay is a new interdisciplinary performance exploring life, death and the interconnectedness of our lives through story, song, dance and image. Dust and Decay was supported by the national mentoring initiative, SPARK Young Artists program

28th February-2nd March 2008

Restrung: A New Chamber Festival at The Brisbane Powerhouse. Each group contributes a piece for the Six Pack symphony, the line up was the Brodsky Quartet, Wood, Clocked Out Duo, David Chesworth Ensemble, Continuum Sax and Topology.

25th May 2008, 2.30 pm at Sydney Conservatoriom Music Café, Grevillea Ensemble 2008 series.

The premiere of my work Weereewa/Lake George for Voice, Flute and Piano. The text that I will use for this work is going to be sourced from the work of Lidija Šimkutė, a bi-lingual poet (Lithuanian and Englist) living in South Australia. Lidija has performed some of this work on Lake George as part of a dance installation project in the Weereewa/Lake George Festival in 2002. I have long been spiritually drawn to the landscape of Lake George, midway between Melbourne and Sydney. Lake George is characterised by historical, archaeological and environmental significance, many artists have been inspired by this unique landscape.


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